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  • Exercise for fun not for pressure

To shed fat Diet and Exercise is what you're told...

...or expensive Cosmetic Surgery.

We say otherwise!

"If you want to lose that stubborn fat you need to do more exercise, you need to cut down on fatty food, sugary drinks, alcohol, fun and enjoyment of life." - so goes the mantra from health professionals, dietitions and fitness experts.

We're led to believe that fat is very easy to put on but extremely difficult to take off. And there's a reason that we're told fat is difficult to remove, a multibillion dollar reason. There is a lot of money to be made from desperate people. And people are desperate because they're constantly being warned that fat is going to kill them, that it leads to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, lethargy strokes, poor sleep patterns and poor quality of life. This is true in many cases but the mantra is over simplified.

Some of that poor quality of life comes just from hearing the mantra. We humans seek the simple answers to complicated issues. The media is happy to supply simple answers. We are told fat is the way our body stores excess energy and the excess energy is from eating too much poor quality food. This isn't wrong but it is only half right. For instance you can put on fat from eating certain fruits and vegetables and if you read on we will expose some of the myths and reveal the truth about fat and that storing fat on your body is not a bad thing.

"I tried everything to lose weight but I could never get rid of my paunch" - Mike D, MN.

There are sound biological reasons that we get so much pleasure from the taste of fatty, salty or sweet foods. There was a time not so long ago that our ancestors relied on seeking these flavours as a matter of survival. There are also reasons we store fat in specific areas of our bodies. Men tend to put it on around the middle while women do so around the hips, thighs and buttocks. These fat deposits served specific purposes for our hunter-gatherer ancestors as you will find out.

These days there are are also marketing and commercial reasons we're made to feel bad about our accumulation of fat.  We're bombarded with images of the 'perfect body'. And 'perfect' people sell us everything we are told will make our lives happier only won't because unlike them we're not perfect. And on the flip side (of the burger patty) we're seduced by delicious fast foods which are 'perfectly' crafted to target our innate responses to fatty, salty and sweet flavors. 

"I found myself binge eating while watching fitness infomercials on TV" - Sally-Ann G, NY.

There is so much angst generated for those caught between these two paradigms that another market is created for wellness and wellbeing, for destressing and clearing the mind. And all of these remedies and therapies dig into our pockets and empty them of our hard earned cash.

So what is the solution to such a big dilemma?

Order your copy of the 'Chips, Peas and Beer Diet' and your life could change forever

This isn't a diet book but one that will change your perception of fat and fatloss. Not only does it explain clearly why your body gains and retains fat around those 'problem areas' such as the belly, the hips and the thighs it also explains in simple steps a method to systematically remove fat from those specific areas as if you were a cosmetic surgeon operating on yourself! But this won't cost you as much as surgery or hurt as much.

The Chips, Peas and Beer Diet explains how to perform a cosmetic procedure that costs hundreds of dollars in a clinic for just a few dollars. And you can do it in the comfort of your own home, in the comfort of your own chair, in front of your TV, eating the comfort foods you've been told are making you fat.

"If only I'd known 20 years ago what I know now, it would have saved me so much pain, heartache and cash." - Tyson A, GA.

We're not trying to replace your current diet and fitness program but if you're finding you're not getting the results from your current program or that program is making you miserable or you don't have a program then you have little to lose downloading ours. We're not trying to sign you up to a long term financial burdon but to give you the information you're missing so you can be empowered and take control of your body.

Once you've read the Chips, Peas and Beer Diet you'll understand why we're selling it so cheap but when you see the results for yourself and start to feel the joy we felt our flab slowly but spectacularly disappeared you'll want to sue all the others who've charged you so much more.    

The Chips, Peas and Beer Diet is NOT a DIET,


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