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You have noticed that we are promoting our book the Chips, Peas and Beer Diet. This is no ordinary diet book. The title may have alluded to this. After all what healthy diet includes Chips and beer?

When you secure a copy of The Chips, Peas and Beer Diet which we are selling for a limited time at a special low price you will learn that chips and beer can be part of your diet and you can still reduce your body fat at the same time. You don't even have to eat the peas either. Actually we aren't about to tell what you can and can't eat because this is not a diet book!

Rather it is a short education in the reason our bodies produce and store fat and why it is so difficult to remove using tradional techniques of diet and exercise. In fact when you use diet and exercise you are actually fighting nature. Nature intended fat to be difficult to remove because it was a matter of survival for our ancestors that it not be removed until it was necessary.

You are only a few short clicks away from learning how to remove your body fat like a cosmetic surgeon for a few dollars a month in the comfort of your own home. You won't need to purchase any expensive equipment or foods. The items that are most effective on stubborn belly fat, love handles, muffin tops and bra bulges can be purchased for a few dollars at the local supermarket.

The The Chips, Peas and Beer Diet is in PDF format which can be read on most computers, smartphones or tablet devices. If you need to you can download a free reader from your devices app store or at

Your Security and Peace of Mind is our priority

To protect you and your finances as well as make it easy for us to distribute this book for as low a cost as possible we have teamed up with our partners and We won't be taking or storing any credit card or personal details on this site. We only want to share our knowledge of how to effectively remove body fat with YOU.

Ongoing Support

We won't leave you high and dry. When you purchase The Chips, Peas and Beer Diet you won't be left on your own. You will also get our contact details for any questions you might still have after reading this exciting and informative e-book. We know that any change to your lifestyle can be daunting but the beauty of this technique is that it really doesn't involve much change. You can be removing body fat while you watch TV, surf the Web, eat your favourite foods, drink a beer or some other tasty beverage.

We will be only an email away!

A One Time Low Price.

For a short time we are selling this e-book for $US 8.00 That's less than 16 cents per page. We want to share this secret with the world and we only want enough to keep this Web Site running. This isn't about getting rich. When you've read The Chips, Peas and Beer Diet you'll realise that there isn't any money in the secret we're sharing. We just want to end the needless suffering of others like us with a little more fat than we'd like and the inability to shake it by exercise and diet.

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