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Exercise has many benefits for health. If you are exercising regularly then this page is not about convincing you to give up. And if you are contemplating exercise well we're not going to dissuade you from starting some kind of activity. But the motivation for exercise should be for reasons other than your weight or fat levels. In other words you should be exercising as a way of moving towards a better quality of life rather than fleeing from a poorer quality of life. 

Some of the positive motivations of exercise are:

  1. 1. A means of socializing. 
  2. 2. Having richer life experiences
  3. 3. Clearing the head and improving mental function
  4. 4. Improving muscle and bone strength and improving flexibility.

Some negative reasons people exercise:

  1. 1. Escaping from life's problems
  2. 2. Trying to lose weight.
  3. 3. Obsession with body image. 
  4. 4. Endorphin addiction.

If you are exercising for any of the negative reasons you should also try to find a couple of motivations in the positive list. This is so your mental attitude remains positive and you can set goals that are more easily reached. 


For many exercise becomes an addiction. This is because their brain releases endorphins which are natural pain killers and act on the brain like morphine. This can then play into the production of the brain's motivation chemical: dopamine. But dopamine production is also associated with the negative spiral of other addictions.

Dopamine acts as a motivator in the brain and helps us to form habits but its production is also linked to addictive behaviors such as overeating, under-eating (anorexia), gambling, sex and porn addiction. Basically when you think ahead of something 'desirable' your brain produces dopamine as a reward to drive you towards the object of desire. In addictions the dopamine motivation reward becomes the goal. This is why people withf an addictive behavior such as gambling when their dopamine levels have dropped are then flooded with feelings of guilt and self loathing. It is dopamine addiction that is clouding reason and judgement. And when it returns they forget how much they loathed themselves and keep chasing their addiction.


Now if you are exercising for a negative reason like your weight and at the same time battling dopamine production from an addiction to food you are probably not going to get it from thinking about exercise. Also if you're not getting endorphins released in your brain during exercise you will find exercise is just painful. So you will be primed to lose.

To make matters worse if you are overweight and significantly past the 'pivot' point where energy required to maintain body temperature is less than that consumed you will be fighting an uphill battle to reduce your stored energy. That stored fat is working against you in two ways. One is that it is insulating you from the cold and the other is that it is inhibiting your movement.

Now I'm not saying give up the exercise. I'm saying augment it with other weight loss strategies until you form the habit. The habit will be there when you are getting a high from the endorphins released in exercise and the thought of exercising again releases dopamine as a motivator to get out there the next time. In the meantime don't fight nature. It's like swimming against a rip. If you're brain chemistry is saying rest and eat and exercise is leaving you feeling drained and sore you're likely to rest and eat and when your dopamine drops the feelings of self loathing and disappointment are liable to make you quit. 

On the other hand if you look in the mirror and you see fat disappearing from your midriff. You're likely to get a positive feeling that motivates you to keep going. 

At DIY Body Sculpting we have a self treatment that can get results with or without exercise and diet. And unlike any other treatments out there this one requires spending only a few dollars each month on a common food item from your supermarket; a food product you probably already have at home but didn't know could be so good for you if applied correctly.




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