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Diet and Fat

The relationship between how much fat you eat and how much you put on your body is a loose one.

At DIY Body Sculpting we believe your diet should be balanced to ensure you have enough vitamins, minerals and fibre. But energy in the forms of protein, fat and carbohydrates are important and are indeed the primary components of a diet.

If you're on a diet and it is working then we are not suggesting you stop. But if you are not and are contemplating one or you're finding the one you're on is not getting the results you want or you can't stick to it then we may have some points below you might want to consider.

We need fats and proteins to rebuild the cells in our muscles and bone

Fats and oils (lipids) play a vital role in the structure of cells especially the cell membrane so excluding fat from your diet is ill advised.

Also qualty meat provides many vitamins and minerals as well as proteins and energy. And humans have eaten grains and dairy products for thousands of years so cutting these out on the bases of the latest fad or diet craze is just illogical.

Your dietary choices are formulated in youth

Your formative years and culture determine the foods you will eat throughout life. A simplistic application is Asians mostly eat rice while Westerners mostly eat wheat, potatoes and pasta products because that is what they're raised with.

Sure in this modern age with the variety at the supermarket we're all eating a mixture of different foods from many cultural backgrounds. But when you think what it is that you would consider your 'comfort' food, the type of food you eat when you feel down or too tired to cook and unable to go out and it's probable you reach for something that is aligned with your childhood or cultural upbringing.

Our digestive system is a complex ecosystem. We are not individuals.We are a farm of trillions of microbes. They are the ones who digest our food for us providing many of the nutrients that are able to pass through the intestinal wall and into our blood. They are inherited from our parents and acquired along the way from our interactions with the environment. They find a balance through our diet which determines which ones flourish and which ones diminish.

When you change your diet radically you put your digestive system under stress. The microbes that dominated wain and others move into the void.  Your body isn't absorbing all the nutrients it was able to because your digestive system hasn't adapted to the new diet. It takes a lot of time and during that time you make yourself more susceptible to illness. Of course feelings of stress and unwellness are likely to send us looking for our comfort foods.


Don't diet to lose weight or unwanted fat!


Okay, if you're eating a pack of cookies and a bag of chips (crisps) each and every day or if dinner consists of 3 hamburgers and 2 serves of fries then you probably do need to make changes to your diet. But if you're eating the same as you've always eaten and you didn't used to gain weight and now you are then changing that diet is not a way for you to  lose weight.


There is a way to eat almost anything at any time and remove fat at the same time. This gives you freedom to eat for nutrition and not for weight management. It also means you can keep eating the foods that promote wellbeing and the comfort foods your body and your intestinal ecology desire and require.


Order the Chips, Peas and Beer Diet to learn how to lose unwanted fat from the belly, hips, thighs and back without dieting and without strenuous exercise. No pills, no surgery, no gimmicks. You can strip fat from your body the way I did and the dozens of others have.


The Chips Peas and Beer Diet will show you how to remove unwanted body fat using everyday items purchased at your local supermarket.


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