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FAT What you're not told


There are billions of dollars tied up in the Weightloss and Fat loss industries.

This is why we're bombarded with so much fear mongering and so many images of the ideal body, the perfect form we can never attain.

Excess fat can lead to unwanted health outcomes. We know only too well about poor sleep, high blood pressure, stress and depression that can come with carrying too much fat as well as more serious issues such as heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and dementia.

But fat isn't all bad. It is a key ingredient in the formation of all cells in our body. Many of the important hormones that regulate our body processes are fat based.

There are two main types of fat in the body:

  1. 1. Visceral Fat is found around organs and intestines. This fat is a key component of the beer gut and is also the one that can lead to heart conditions and cancers.
  2. 2. Subcutaneous Fat is the most abundant. It is found all over the body in varying amounts just below the skin. If you pinch your fatty areas the stuff you're pinching below the skin is subcutaneous fat.
  3. While visceral fat is the most dangerous it is also thought to be the easiest to shift with exercise. But the stuff you see mostly is subcutaneous and in sufficient amounts it can make exercise difficult or even dangerous. Also, all fat cells produce hormones and chemicals that slow the metabolism and encourage the production of more fat cells.

Fat Me Fit Me

There is a reason that fat cells change the body's metabolism and encourage their own creation. In most mammals including humans the fat production was traditionally during the warm months of summer and autumn when there is plenty of luscious plant growth and frolicking young animals to catch and eat. Most animals are on a quest during these months to eat as much as possible in preparaton for winter.

And their fat cells are assisting them by encouraging the storage of food as fat. When winter comes and snow is on the ground most mammals are either hibernating or wandering desperately in search of lean pickings. This is when their fat cells are protecting them. First as insulation against the cold and then as an energy source.


Now these two important tasks of fat cells are closely related to each other and it is this relationship that we can exploit when seeking to remove them from our body.


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Chips Peas and Beer Diet

When you order and read our book The Chips, Peas and Beer Diet you will learn that losing fat  is entirely possible without dieting or exercise or surgery. We don't want to sign you up to expensive treatments or harsh regimes that either deplete your wallet or your time and self esteem.

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The Chips, Peas and Beer Diet is written by somebody who found himself struggling to overcome weight gain in middle life even though he had lead an active, healthy lifestyle in his younger years.  He found the exercise and diet regimes he had used in the past no longer worked. He was getting injured and he wasn't losing weight. So he gave up. He sat and thought and looked around and discovered a secret about fat the industry is afraid to let us know without coating it in a whole lot of expensive technology and high priced treatments.

 Now you can know the secret too. It won't cost you much but it will save you a lot.

Fat and weight gain is a dilemma for everybody in the western world. But its solution is simpler than the diet and exercise industries would want us to know. The Chips, Peas and Beer Diet is an inexpensive guide to removing stubborn body fat once and for all.

 You a lot to lose in trying it and by that we mean your unwanted body fat. And we're almost certain you will lose it. But you won't spend much money either and you can still eat the things you like.